Projects are mainly focused on front end web development with ReactJS. All are fully functional and can have live demos available. More to come soon.


HTML5 Canvas multiplayer platformer game over socket.io. Read more»


Leverages the meetup API and twilio for SMS notifications on upcoming subscribed to meetup events. Read more»

Vanilla JS Quiz

Simple SPA quiz written in Vanilla JavaScript. Read more»

Marvelous Artwork

Leverages Marvel’s developer API to view artwork by hero, by decade. Read more»

Vanilla JS Notes

Note taking application that allows editing, deleting and creating new notes via a RESTful API. Read more»

Peter Saville

Tribute page to Factory Records art director Peter Saville. Read more»

Weather Application


Light weight local weather application using the Open Weather Map API.
Read more»

Tic-Tac-Toe Application


AI-driven tic-tac-toe game with multiple toggleable difficulties. Read more»