Tic-Tac-Toe Application


Live Demo: http:/ttt.cameronmoorehead.com/
Source Code : https://github.com/CameronMoorehead/tic-tac-toe


I wanted to do a tic-tac-toe game that utilized concepts from the Functional Programming paradigm. FP has historically held an important place in work with Artificial Intelligence, especially within academia and LISP-like languages. JavaScript is expressive enough to utilize many of the concepts and structuring of AI logic that would be found in a more traditional function language. Because my program was informed by FP, the solution avoids such Object-Oriented no brainers such as setting up a table class, a player class, and so on. And while it does hold ‘state’ for ReactJS to render the board on screen, the AI and player inputs are implemented through heavy reliance on functional composition and higher-order functions. For more details wrote a rather lengthy blog post about it.

Live Demo


HTML, CSS, ReactJS and webpack.


Minimalist design, toggleable difficulties for AI, and a scoreboard.

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