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Trendly is a RESTful API that connects users via (Short Message Service) SMS to Meetup ( This app allows users to sign up with their Meetup User ID via text message. Once signed up, users will automatically receive a text notification 24 hours before any of their upcoming meetup events. With the Trendly application, users no longer need to worry about missing a Meetup event as text notifications will keep users up to date on all of their Meetup groups.

Leverages the meetup API and twilio for SMS notifications on upcoming subscribed to meetup events.


– JavaScript / ES6
– Node.js
– twilio
– Jest
– Eslint
– Superagent
– Mongoose
– Winston
– Express
– Dotenv
– Body-Parser
– http-errors
– bcrypt
– crypto
– jsonwebtoken
– fs-extra
– multer
– node-schedule